Greek Breakfast

Homemade recipes

Each morning, our guests are invited to enjoy a sumptuous complimentary breakfast offering an assortment of Patmian delights from our own garden and the surrounding farms. We take pleasure in introducing our hotel guests to the flavours of authentic Patmian cuisine: original local recipes and fine handmade delicacies, such as marmalades, pies, cake, fruits and organic eggs from our own hen house, compose a bountiful breakfast menu that makes for an excellent first meal.

Awaken each day to majestic mountain and sea views while enjoying a cup of morning coffee or tea on the private terrace overlooking Grikos bay.
Enjoy all the homemade delights of the Patmian cuisine in a serene atmosphere and discover the finest regional tastes, firsthand. With such an array of delicious options to choose from, guests are sure to enjoy those precious morning moments.
For those who value fresh air and wide-open spaces, sun-loungers and umbrellas are offered in our breezy open terrace, boasting sleek seafront views.
A snack bar is also available.
Breakfast hours:  8.00 – 10.00am

Start your day with your favorite breakfast!



Cheese and ham

Fresh Bread


Handmade marmalade Selection

Sesame Paste (Tahini)




Homemade cake


Cheese pie

Fresh Fruits



Orange Juice

Upon order you can taste one of our recommendations from our special menu.

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